Miss India Diet Plan

      DIET During Miss India


  • Green tea with ginger, crushed black pepper, cloves and cinnamon (the crushed pepper, clove and cinnamon must be very minimum)
  • ½ swee tlime (moosambi) before work out
  • Unstrained and unrefined orange juice immediately after work out.


  • Oats with little jaggery
  • Nestle slim milk and nuts (almonds/ walnuts/dry figs/dates…very few dry figs and dates)


  • Vegetable juice of lauki or bottle gourd + spinach + tomato + carrot + beetroot (less of carrots and beet)


  • Brown rice + dal + vegetables + salad
  • Alternate days: Jowar roti + veg + dal + salad


  • Vegetable juice + 1 orange or sweet lime (whole)


  • Choice of seasonal Indian vegetables + Chinese stir fried vegetables + a bowl of thick soup (cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, spinach, lauki and other mixed vegetables)
  • 1 slice of papaya. (This may be supplemented with more fruits, nuts or dry fruits).

NOTE: This is followed under tight supervision and must not be followed by anybody unless monitored by a competent authority.


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